the html review

What is this?
the html review is an annual journal of literature made to exist on the web
What type of work do you publish?
Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, graphic storytelling, and experiments that rely on the web as a medium are all welcome.
Are there other things like this?
Check out – Crawlspace, CODE LIT, A New Session, Taper, ctrl+v, Midst, Bad Quarto, WordHack, HTML Energy, THE LAOB, Fruitful School, School For Poetic Computation, Babycastles, Rhizome, Web Design Museum
Do you take submissions?
Yes. Submissions are open from September 1 through December 1 for our next issue, which will be released in April of 2023. In addition to completed work, we also welcome works-in-progress and pitched ideas. We can be reached at
How much do you pay contributors?
$500 per piece
Does the work have to primarily use html?
That’s just a name. We are interested in any sort of digital, code, or software based literary work, regardless of language, though obviously accessibility over the web is probably a plus.
Does the work have to be interactive?
Static poetry and writing is totally fair game! If it feels to you like it makes the most sense on the web, then we would love to take a look :)
Do creators own their own work?
Yes. All contributors own their own work in perpetuity and are free to iterate and publish it elsewhere. the html review wants to be more of an incubator and cheerleader than a traditional publisher. Anything contributors make belongs to them and them alone.
Does the html review have to host the work?
One of the beautiful things about the web is that hyperlinks make centralization unnecessary. While we would love a copy of the code for archival purposes, you are totally free to host your submission somewhere else if that makes the most sense!
Does the magazine have social media accounts?
No, not right now. Maybe not ever? We prefer to drive all engagement toward our contributors.
Who are you?
We are Maxwell Neely-Cohen (Publisher/Editor) and Shelby Wilson (Artistic Director)