the html review

issue 02, spring 2023


M a x w e l l   N e e l y - C o h e n

A Letter from
the Editor

welcome to the second issue of the html review


K a t y   I l o n k a   G e r o

Blank Page
with Machine 

The text in this piece was written in collaboration with a language model trained on my own private writing. In this way, the words are all my own but I had to confront the recombination of my thoughts in ways I could not control.

C h i a   A m i s o l a

Concrete Form

Are you human?

interactive fiction

I v a n   Z h a o

A World
of Space

Maybe your consciousness touched mine

poetry a small pixelated shovel illustration

A l i c i a   G u o

found poem

what does it mean to find a poem?


A C   G i l l e t t e

Call & Response

a seed, emerging


A l e x a n d e r   M i l l e r

Grid World

If you want to know how something is made, you should look for the grids.


B e t s y   K e n y o n

Seek Shelter

A poetic performance, exploring “virus” both in its digital form and environmental implication.
The thermal footage, recording elemental forces, was created while traveling to the extreme edges of the contiguous United States.

This piece was made in collaboration with creative web designer Belle Krupcheck.


L o g a n   W i l l i a m s


Observatory pulls recent feelings from the internet into an unpredictable exquisite corpse. The words are (mostly) written by people, not generated by machines.

esej essay

N a t h a n   M i f s u d

Sun Letters

Each sunrise suffuses agony and ecstasy alike. Bodies glow, oceans sparkle. The sun speaks the same fiery tongue as ever. By contrast, language is many-tongued, ever-constructed, in constant advance and retreat. Each sentence is a swell of voices, a tide of generations.

poem tool experience toy

K a t h e r i n e   Y a n g

Prose Play

A tool for exploring alternate word choices, worlds, and possibilities.

`·, poetry, illustration, garden

E s t h e r   B o u q u e t

whispers from
a soft garden

It is not about how fast you can read the entire poem or even its readability, it is more about the experience of discovering it bits by bits, drawing it little by little, with patience and care, just like you would trim off bushes in a garden to shape them.


M a t t h e w   B a k e r


We were all there that day at the farm, gathered around the table...


L u c y   Z h a n g

Has Anterograde

I wore the glass slipper because my brain shattered every fifteen minutes


R e e s e   O x n e r

Siggy Shop

A love letter to online message boards

pixelated rain interactive
text explorer

A n d y   W a l l a c e

Intimate Codex

Move between passages by typing a word you see on screen and pressing enter.


D a n i e l   L i c h t m a n

Cicada Mountain

She has this to say about herself:
I am not an insect,
I am a goddess.
I am a sacred creature of the night.
I am not a pest,
I am a blessing.
I am not a noise-maker,
I am a singer.
I am not a nuisance,
I am a miracle.


S p e n c e r   C h a n g

html garden

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