issue 03

the html review



Read, write, construct, remember

Anna Y Lin



you are welcome to grow some grass; over time, the grass radicals will regenerate as tree radicals.

Sarah Chekfa

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craigslist poetry

Yearning is cacophony. If you don’t like how things turned out, you can always start over. ♡


Paramecium Dinner

An inter-species feast of words

As you slow down, wait, and observe, you will see the cells feasting on this text. If you wait long enough, you will even see them digesting the words and pollinating them around.

screenshot of paramecium-dinner

Bảo Anh Bùi Nguyễn

Measure a machine's heart (Đo Điện Tâm Đồ Máy)

console poetry

I gave a machine a kind of human-like passion and showed how that passion either ramps up (lights up) or fades away (burns out) depending on a few factors. All of that can be explored within the developer tools.

*Best viewed on desktop.

screenshot of Measure a machine's heart

Rory Green

Crush Choreography

indefinite sonnet

the weird dance that happens when you have a crush and are trying to figure out what to do about it

screenshot of Crush Choreography



Lenses, fabrics, hidden messages

Giulia Carla Rossi


interactive essay

I can offer you multiple routes through depending on your interpretation of English/Italian false friends and the choices you make. There is no right or wrong, no true or false, just and and and and

Merve Mepa


weaving with text

For centuries, weavers have employed a customized textual weaving algorithm, called ‘name drafting’, to encode their personal stories and experiences on rugs and textiles.

screenshot of TextDraft

Garry Ing

A View Source Web


I often wonder what would happen if the ability to view source was made to be more present in the browsing experience—a gesture, or invitation, to see what and how a site is composed.

screenshot of A View Source Web

Mollie Caffey

thought fields

looping memory

these pieces are an attempt to shift the flat digital world into a kinetic structure that mimics ecosystems – subterranean and atmospheric.

screenshot of thought fields

Zainab Aliyu

Lenticular Temporalities

a queer reality of multiplicity

Through the metaphor of the lenticular—a technology revealing multiple images that can be accessed from different angles—this project exposes concealed narratives, distortions, and illusions that uphold oppressive systems.

*Best viewed on desktop.

screenshot of Lenticular Temporalities



Journeys guided and unguided, walks, feats of endurance

Alexander Miller

Conway's Game of Hope


The books would not unlock the secrets of the universe, but they could unfold those mysteries before you, splaying their incomprehensibility out onto the page, making legible the unknowable.

Hamid Yuksel


sublime sci-fi flash fiction

Years ago, the Corvus and its crew mysteriously went missing. All that remains are scraps of its digital records.

Lindsay Gilbert

Mindful Money Meditation

Guided Mindful Money Meditation For a Powerful Mind

Embrace Peace, Release Worry

*Best viewed on desktop.

screenshot of Mindful Money Meditation

Lizz Thabet

my computer is a home that my friends can visit

an invitation

hi friend!

i'm having a small gathering at a folder on my computer.

i've created a space just for you to visit. drop by any time.

xo lizz

screenshot of my computer is a home that my friends can visit